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Petrichor (pet-ri-kor) n. the scent of rain on dry earth.

YOU LIKELY KNOW THAT SCENT. On first learning its meaning, we were transported to those dry, dusty days in summer that are often interrupted by afternoon showers. Scampering for shelter with thunder rumbling overhead, we would pause as this incredible scent arose from the earth. But we never knew what to call that magic fragrance until our dear friend and artist, Stephanie Gardner, painted a series affixed with the name, Petrichor. She passed the treasured word to us, cleverly coined by two Australian geologists in the 60’s.

WE CHOSE this obscure term for our wine because, in a word, Petrichor defines our passion for terroir driven wines.  We want our wines to express the robust interplay of our volcanic soil and the diverse elements of the Redwood Hill climate.

BUT BEYOND its efficient and eloquent expression of the terroir, Petrichor has a transportive quality.  Petrichor connects us to nature and becomes a smell we can remember and a memory we can smell. We hope that when you first sip Petrichor wine, you will feel that same connection and be transported, from wherever you are, to the unique terroir of our vineyard high atop Redwood Hill.

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